Some personal stuff...

Born: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Further back in time than I would like to admit.

Citizenship: Canadian.

Shoots: right.

Favorite pastimes: cycling, soccer, beer sampling, music, reading, watching hockey, and travel.

Biggest joys: my daughters, Megan (07/14/1992) aka "Thing 1" and Faith (11/22/1994), aka "Thing 2".


New River
Me with the Maury River (Va.) behind me. April 2003.
Me and David Hume, Edinburgh.            Me and Karl Marx, Hampstead, England.

The famous 'pink coats' (security staff) at the Bank of England.


Responding to befuddled Americans' request for guidance out of the wilderness of Canadian music--including advice on tunes that excludes anything by a young woman complaining about men--I offer the following American's Guide to Canadian Popular Music.

Here is a page of some photos I took on my business trip to Japan, May 2004.

And because I get asked about it so often, here is how my day went in Washington, September 11, 2001.


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