Recent Presentations...

"Discussion of 'Optimal Inflation for the U.S.' by Roberto Billi" American Economics Association meetings, Society for Computational Economics session, Januuary 6, 2008, New Orleans. I thank Sharon Kozicki for inviting me to participate. Here are the slides.

"Discussion of 'Is time ripe for price level path stability?' by Gaspar, Smets, and Vestin." Presentation to the Swiss National Bank conference on Expectations and Monetary Policy, 21-22 September 2007 in Zurich. I thank the organizers in general, and Samuel Raynard and Marcel Savioz in particular, for inviting me to participate. Here are the slides.

"Learning and the Role of Macroeconomic Factors in the Term Structure of Interest Rates" presentation to the Society for Economic Dynamics conference in Prague, June 28-30.

"Discussion of 'Central Bank Communication and Expectations Stabilization' by Eusepi and Preston'" at the Conference on Inflation Targeting, Central Bank Independence, and Transparency, June 15-16, University of Cambridge. My thanks to Sean Holly, Petra Geraats and Seppo Honkopohja for inviting me.

"Discussion of 'Is the Taylor Rule Enough? Simple versus Optimal Rules as Guides to Monetary Policy' by Brock, Durlauf, Nason and Rondina" Carnegie-Rochester Conference on Public Policy, November 10-11, 2006, Pittsburgh, PA. Click here for the conference website; Here is a PDF of the discussion slides. My thanks to Bennett McCallum for inviting me to participate.

Real-time Model Uncertainty in the United States: 'Robust' policies put to the test" presented at an AEA session, Boston, MA, January 2006; the Canadian Economics Association meetings in Montreal, Canada, May 28, 2006, the Oslo Conference on Monetary Policy: Monetary policy under uncertainty, University of Oslo, June 9-10, 2006, and a seminar at the Central Reserve Bank of Peru.

"Robustifying Learnability" presentation to the conference on Implications of Uncertainty and Learning for Monetary Policy, Santa Cruz Center for International Economics, UC-Santa Cruz, April 1, 2005. My thanks to the organizers, Frederico Ravenna and Carl Walsh, for a great conference; click here for the website; the Society for Economic Dynamics annual conference, July 2006, in Vancouver, Canada; and the Central Reserve Bank of Peru/Centre for Central Banking Studies conference on Monetary Policy, Uncertainty and the Business Cycle, November 8-9, 2006 in Lima. I thank Vincente Tuesta and his colleagues for inviting me.

"Comments on 'Near-Rational Exuberance' by Bullard, Evans and Honkapohja" presentation to the American Economics Association meetings, January 8, Philadelphia, PA. Click here for a PDF of the slides.

"Real-time model uncertainty and the Fed: 1996-2003" (a combination of the two real-time model uncertainty papers on my work-in-progress page), Federal Reserve System Committee Meetings on Macroeconomics, Baltimore, MD, November 2004; International Research Forum on Monetary Policy, at the European Central Bank, May 2005; EACBN Workshop on Real-time Data, in Brussels, June 2005.

"The Great Inflation and the Great Moderation" (then called "Inflation in the 1970s in the United States") 11th International Symposium on Computing in Economics and Finance, University of Amersterdam, June 2004.

"Avoiding Nash Inflation: Bayesian and robust approaches to model uncertainty'' presented at "Workshop on Robustness'', Central Bank Institute, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, April 25­ 26; American Economic Association meetings, Washington, D.C., January 2003; the conference entitled "Policy Rules: the next steps'', September 2002, Cambridge, U.K.; and at the 7th International Symposium on Computing in Economics and Finance, Yale University, June 2001.

"Remarks on `Inflation Persistence and Optimal Monetary Policy in the Euro Area' by D. Lopez­Salido and P. Benigno'' presented to the International Research Forum on Monetary Policy, July 5­6, 2002, at the ECB, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

"Monetary Policy, Asset prices and Misspecification: the robust approach to model uncertainty and bubbles" presented to the 8th International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance, Aix en Provence, France, June 2002.

"Comments on Bullard and In-Koo Cho, 'Escapist Policy Rules'" Federal Reserve System Committee Conference on Macroeconomics, Washington, D.C., April 2002. Click here for a PDF of the slides.

"Uncertain Potential Output and Monetary Policy in a Forward­looking Model'' presented at the Econometrics Society meetings in New Orleans, LA, January 2001; the Federal Reserve Sytem Conference on Macroeconomics, Denver, C6, O, April 2000.

"Comments on `Uncertain Potential Output: implications for monetary policy'" by Michael Ehrmann and Frank Smets'' presented at participants of the conference on Monetary Policy in the 21st Century: a transatlantic perspective'' October 27­28, 2001, Georgetown University, Washington.

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